Preparing for a beautiful plant medicine ceremony in a beautiful private getaway. Music by Christian Pereira


Dru Erin is a yoga living, animal loving creative flowing through the undiscovered liquid of what we humans call “life”.

Her path towards yoga and healing began early on as a competitive Equestrian Gymnast. These initial ties to nature and creative physical movement ushered in a desire to study the art of Beauty and Photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. Dru’s natural ability to lead, organize and love for creating visual art led to her Creative Direction and Photography business. She then spent 10 years transforming the branding of many local and international fashion labels.

After working in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry for many years, Dru decided to switch gears and became a 200-hr Certified Yoga practitioner while studying in the jungle of Costa Rica under Marianne Wells and a Certified Crystal Sound Practitioner.

Currently studying Aromatherapy & Intuitive Medicine, aspiring to inspire, Dru strives to help her fellow souls find their own inner light and peace through guided expressive movement and inner viewing.